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Wilderness Record Throwback July-August 1977


In March of 1976, the California Wilderness Coalition released its first-ever Wilderness Record.

Click the image to read our July-August 1977 edition.


Background by Co-Founder Phil Farrell

The Wilderness Record was the distribution method for research and education efforts to achieve that first great unifier – information. The insight here was that small groups of conservationists all over the state were working in isolation, without knowledge of each other or the big picture of what was happening to the wilderness. Our startup pioneers made their first mission to collect and synthesize this information and distribute it widely.

The early years of the Wilderness Record are chock full of in-depth articles about the big programs and political forces affecting wilderness, beginning with the first real statewide inventory of all public wild lands, and then providing the big picture of how the management agencies were failing to protect that wildness, and how individuals could affect management of their public lands.