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LPNF rock outcrop. Photo: Bryant Baker.

What will be your legacy?

At CalWild, we work to safeguard California’s wildest landscapes and rivers forever. Our efforts have led to the legal protection of millions of acres of wild lands and hundreds of miles of wild rivers. But in the cause of environmental protection, we must always be vigilant. Laws can change. Powerful entities can decide they want something the law says they can’t have, and they may press to change the law so that they can.

CalWild needs to be here to prevent that from happening

Those who participate in legacy giving on behalf of CalWild have committed a portion of their estates to us when they pass away. These legacy gifts enable us to know that we will be able to fight the good fight into the future. Legacies fund key advocacy staff, community organizers and policy analysis so we can be more effective, and, if necessary, litigation to defend what we have protected. They go directly to fighting for the wild Californian places we all love.

Please consider including CalWild in your estate planning. It’s easy to do; you can allocate a percentage of your estate or a dollar amount to the organization. If you have an IRA, charitable remainder trust or donor-advised foundation fund, you can also allocate all or a portion of these assets to CalWild and ensure that your legacy protect wild, thriving California lands.

We depend on the support of our members—now, and in the years to come.

If you would like to inquire about legacy giving to CalWild or to notify us of a planned bequest, please contact Development Director Mark Green at, or (707) 318-8959.

Thank you for considering CalWild as you make your estate plans. We depend on the support of our members—now, and in the years to come.