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hoskingonflooratpalms-by Rik Keller

Watch our music video for Rita Hosking’s song “California”!

California’s landscapes have long been an inspiration for artists of all mediums – the muse for plein air painters in Yosemite Valley, the backdrop of countless sci-fi movies (that were actually filmed at Trona Pinnacles), or the source of patriotic pride for troubadours like Woody Guthrie singing about the towering redwoods.

Now CalWild has its own contribution alongside those heavyweights. We teamed up with California native Rita Hosking to make a video slideshow for her song “California” which you can now watch below.

Thanks to Rita for the chance to collaborate on this and to all the photographers who contributed to this project.

While you’re singing along, please consider a donation to keep our work going strong.