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Watch our HD fly-overs on Mono Creek and Dinkey Creek!

We’re always looking for new ways to share the amazing experience of wild places with our supporters – especially in the era of limited public gatherings. CalWild deals in large landscapes that aren’t always easy to conceptualize without some good tools. We use maps all the time, of course, but planes are even better for getting a tangible sense of an entire watershed or park.

Given that our savings for a private jet have a long ways to go, we’re happy to present two HD-quality fly-over videos we made with EcoFlight. They both focus on proposed wild and scenic rivers: Mono Creek, part of our Central Coast bill, and Dinkey Creek, for which we are advocating to be eligible for protection in the Sierra National Forest Plan Revision. If you’ve got a big enough screen, you can almost feel the air in your hair!

Check out the videos, with commentary provided by our own Steve Evans and André Sanchez, below. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel along the way, as we’ll be sharing more videos soon.