California's Top 5 Threats 2020

California's land and waterscapes have so much to offer, these places and policies need our attention

2020’s Top 5 Threats list included both specific, place-based threats and broader policies that would negatively affect California’s complex ecological character. Ranging from wild rivers in the foothills to dry desert valleys, and including new technologies and extractive plans, they show a myriad of reasons why our defense work needs to stay vigilant. You can review the updates to 2019’s threats here. 

Your action is needed now for all of these. On each page, you can find ways you can help through writing letters of support, calling your representatives, or donating directly to our campaigns.

Read the latest updates specific to our Top 5 Threats:

Photos Joel Caldwell (San Joaquin), Creative Commons satellite image (Walker Ridge), Pixabay – Creative Commons (E-Bikes), Doc Searls –  Commons (Panamint), Glenn Pillsbury – Creative Commons (Oil and Gas)