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Tell Pres. Biden to Designate California National Monuments

California, our nation’s most populous state, offers both residents and visitors opportunities to experience diverse landscapes, our magnificent coastline, and globally significant biological diversity. Many of these extraordinary places are on lands owned and managed by the federal government, which make up more than 40% of the state, and are culturally significant to Native peoples as well as presenting essential opportunities for outdoor recreation.


Currently, there are campaigns in progress to protect several of these special places as National Monuments, which can be declared by the President under the authority granted him by the federal Antiquities Act. Such designations will protect these places for future generations.


Please submit an email to Matthew Lee-Ashley in the White House Council on Environmental Quality ( to communicate the following:


  • We appreciate the President’s attention to conservation and designation of new National Monuments in other states

  • Given California’s very large and outdoors-oriented population, as well as the millions of visitors we experience each year, we hope the President will also:
    • Expand the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument as proposed by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, Senator Alex Padilla, and Representatives Mike Thompson and John Garamendi
    • Expand the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument as requested by Representative Judy Chu and Senator Padilla
    • Designate a new Chuckwalla National Monument and expand Joshua Tree National Park as requested by
    • Designate a new Sáttítla Medicine Lake Highlands National Monument as proposed by the Pit River Tribe —the very first such campaign to be conceptualized and led by California indigenous people
    • Designate a new Kw’tsán National Monument as proposed by the Fort Yuma Quechan Tribe

Creating and expanding these monuments will be a gift to the American people that will never cease giving back to our communities. Thank you for considering my thoughts in this matter.




Thank you for your effort to protect California’s wild places. For more information about protecting the very best of the Golden State, visit