Trail Canyon Hike – Condor Peak
Trail Canyon Hike – Condor Peak 683 1024 CalWild

Features: The proposed 17,084-acre Condor Peak Wilderness is located on the Angeles National Forest in the San Gabriel Mountains, just minutes away from the LosAngeles metropolitan area. The proposed Wilderness…

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South Fork Trinity- Chinquapin Proposed Wilderness
South Fork Trinity- Chinquapin Proposed Wilderness 684 1024 CalWild

Features: This 15-mile trail provides access to the proposed Chinquapin Wilderness, which straddles a segment of the South Fork Trinity River between Forest Road 30 (a.k.a., the Wild-Mad Road) to…

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Borrego Palm
Borrego Palm 600 800 CalWild

Features: Borrego Palm Canyon is a stunning oasis tucked into a rocky gorge. Once the site of over one thousand palms, a flash flood in 2004 wiped out 70 percent…

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Blue Creek Hike
Blue Creek
Blue Creek 683 1024 CalWild

Features: The immense diversity of plants and animals in this region sets it apart from most other California wild areas. Unusual soils, great rises and drops in elevation, and plenty…

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Fish Canyon
Castaic Potential Wilderness (Fish Trail)
Castaic Potential Wilderness (Fish Trail) 428 648 CalWild

Features: Fish Canyon is part of the nearly 70,000 acre potential Castaic Wilderness, which stretches down from Liebre and Sawmill Mountains to the rugged canyons of Castaic Creek and Fish…

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Mad River Buttes
Bug Creek Trail
Bug Creek Trail 800 600 CalWild

Features: Ample ancient forest, outstanding wildflower displays, and great views from atop Board Camp Mountain greet visitors. You are also almost guaranteed solitude. Directions: From Highway 101 in Arcata, drive…

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