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Sponsorship opportunities, Spring 2021

Is your team looking for a way to support wild places during this time of digital events and virtual organizing? CalWild is offering two chances to partner with us this spring that could elevate your team’s commitment to public lands and conservation while allowing us to do what we do best: identify, protect, and defend California’s wilderness areas and wild and scenic rivers.

Stand By Your Lands: looking for sponsorships

We’ll be training citizens based in northern California on May 26, 2021, focusing on ways they can advocate for public lands, like legislative outreach and lobbying, agency processes like the National Forest Plan Revisions, public meetings, and community organizing.

Here are some proposed sponsor levels depending on your team’s capacity:

  • $100 – Intern
    • Recognition in promotions and at event (email, web, socials)
  • $250 – Organizer
    • Logo recognition in promotions and at event (email, web, socials)
    • Social media highlight
  • $500 – Legislator
    • Logo recognition in promotions (email, web, socials)
    • Social media highlight
    • E-newsletter feature
    • Framed poster of California’s Wild Places (limited print)

CalWild’s audience consists of 7,200 email subscribers, 5,000 website visitors/mo, 5,700 facebook Followers, 1,200 Instagram, and 750 Twitter.

Current Stand By Your Lands sponsors include Peak Design and Wilderness Fastpacking.

2021 Membership Drive: looking for in-kind donations and leading Group Members

Our annual Membership Drive will go through the month of May this year, and we’ve got a goal of raising $12,000. Your team can help us build our base by donating in-kind products or services to fuel our internal board/staff competition and social media prize giveaways.

We’re also looking for current or new Group Members to pledge $250 or more as leading Group Members to help inspire other teams to join our network of wilderness and wild and scenic lovers. Our suggested levels for Group Members are:

  • Grassroots (local/small, team of 1-5) – $250+
    • listing on Partners page
    • a CalWild Group Member badge to display on your website and promotional materials
  • Grasstops (local/medium, team of 6-15) – $500+
    • Grassroots benefits plus:
    • social media highlight  (5,300+ Facebook followers, 1,000+ Instagram, and Twitter)
    • logo with listing on Partners page
  • Community Model (large, team of 16-50) – $2,000+
    • Grasstops benefits plus:
    • listing in year-end report
    • e-newsletter feature (7,300+ subscribers)
  • Industry Leader (corporate, team of 51+) – $5,000+
    • Community Model benefits plus:
    • staff/board-led hike in one of our campaign areas
    • full post/article on
    • press release announcing partnership
    • choice of one CalWild event sponsorship

In addition to these benefits, lead donors will have extra visibility for our specific 2021 Membership Drive promotions.

Current 2021 Membership Drive sponsors include Adventure Journal, Zephyr Whitewater Expeditions, Sky Falconry, National Geographic Maps, and Paradigm Winery.

Please contact Development Director Dup Crosson at or 510-922-8038 if you’re interested in pursuing any of these opportunities. We’re always open to thinking of new ways to collaborate as well. Thank you!