Public Lands Equity and Resilience
Public Lands Equity and Resilience 1024 683 California Wilderness Coalition

Working on-the-ground to build the local support for public lands distinguishes CalWild from our better-known friends. We are the only conservation group that can authentically work with local individuals and…

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Cannabis Removal on Public Lands (CROP)
Cannabis Removal on Public Lands (CROP) 1024 667 California Wilderness Coalition

Illegal cannabis grows on California public lands, known as “trespass grows” constitute one of the leading issues threatening California’s wildlife and communities. Trespass grows, 90% of which are controlled by drug…

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Wild Rivers Project
Wild Rivers Project 1024 373 California Wilderness Coalition

50+ Years Of Saving Rivers The National Wild & Scenic Rivers Act celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018. Congress passed and President Lyndon Johnson signed the Act in 1968, creating…

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Desert 1024 575 California Wilderness Coalition

California’s Mojave, Sonoran, and Great Basin deserts are among the most pristine and unique lands in the world. From painted mountains to hidden springs, from world-famous wildflowers to majestic herds…

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Photo by Jack Schlinkert
Central Coast
Central Coast 1024 391 California Wilderness Coalition

The Central Coast Heritage Protection Act is the product of years of discussion and negotiation, involving business leaders, conservationists, elected officials, ranchers, mountain bikers, and other stakeholders interested in the…

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Carson-Iceberg Wilderness S Evans cropped
Sierra Forests
Sierra Forests 1024 367 California Wilderness Coalition

The Future Of 1/5 of California Is At Stake National Forests encompass about 20 million acres of California, or about a fifth of the state. The 18 National Forests in…

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Mt. Baldy by Jack Schlinkert
San Gabriel Mountains
San Gabriel Mountains 1024 576 California Wilderness Coalition

The spectacular San Gabriel Mountains provide a natural backdrop for the entire Los Angeles metropolitan area – stretching from Santa Clarita to San Bernardino. The majestic mountains are the recreational…

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Northwest California
Northwest California 1024 684 California Wilderness Coalition

Northwest California is one of the most spectacular and biologically diverse places on earth. From the fog-shrouded redwood forests of Humboldt County to the sunny oak woodlands and grasslands of…

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