Photo: Joel Caldwell
Public Lands Equity and Resilience
Public Lands Equity and Resilience 1024 393 CalWild

Working on the ground to build local support for public lands distinguishes CalWild from our better-known friends. We are the only California conservation group that can authentically work with local…

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Cannabis Removal on Public Lands (CROP)
Cannabis Removal on Public Lands (CROP) 1024 667 CalWild

Trespass Grow Site | Integral Ecology Research Center Illegal cannabis grows on California public lands, known as “trespass grows” constitute one of the leading issues threatening California’s wildlife and communities.…

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Fowlers Falls, McCloud Wild and Scenic River. Photo by Darin McQuoid.
Wild Rivers Project
Wild Rivers Project 1024 387 CalWild

Even in a state that sets the bar for diversity – in culture, geology, wildlife, and ecology – the array of outstanding waterways California contains is truly remarkable. Steep, granite-housed…

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Mecca Hills by Evan B. Dudley.
Desert 1024 427 CalWild

California’s Mojave, Sonoran, and Great Basin Deserts are among the most unique and fragile lands in the world. The iconic desert bighorn sheep and threatened desert tortoise are found across…

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Central Coast
Central Coast 1024 369 CalWild

Just beyond the famous surflines and vistas of Ventura and Santa Barbara, the Los Padres National Forest and Carrizo Plain National Monument provide a backyard like no other in California.…

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Carson-Iceberg Wilderness S Evans cropped
Planning Tomorrow’s California
Planning Tomorrow’s California 1024 367 CalWild

The Future Of 1/5 of California Is At Stake National Forests encompass about 20 million acres of California, or about a fifth of the state. The 18 National Forests in…

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Mountain lion. Photo by National Park Service.
San Gabriel Mountains
San Gabriel Mountains 896 387 CalWild

If you’ve ever visited Los Angeles, you know these spectacular mountains even if you don’t know their name. The San Gabriels, stretching from Santa Clarita to San Bernardino, are the…

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Northwest 1024 768 CalWild

The fabled north coast of California, encompassing multiple National Forests and mountain ranges, is one of the wettest and wildest places in California. It’s also a haven for outdoor recreation,…

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