Machesna Mountain

Fact Sheet: Santa Lucia

The Santa Lucia proposed wilderness additions encompass steep, chaparral-covered slopes punctuated by greenish-blue serpentine rock formations and red rock outcroppings.

Numerous oak groves and grassy meadows are found throughout the additions. The threatened Camatta Canyon amole, a rare type of lily with purple flowers, may exist in the proposed additions. The species is endemic to the La Panza Mountain Range and found nowhere else on Earth.

Condors forage in the area, and other raptors often soar overhead. Hi Mountain, adjacent to the proposed wilderness additions, was at one time a Condor release site. Views of Lopez Lake can be seen from some of the ridge tops and on clear days, the Pacific Ocean can be spotted in the distance.

There are two proposed wilderness additions: Hi Mountain and Rinconada units.

Quick Facts

  • Size: 3,115 acres
  • Recreational Uses: Hiking
  • Ecological Values: Wildlife habitat and corridor