Machesna Mountain

Fact Sheet: Machesna Mountain

Pine-crowned peaks, chaparral, oak woodlands, and conifer forests blanket the rugged terrain of the proposed Machesna Mountain additions. The higher elevations boast views of the snow-capped Sierras and the Carrizo Plain on clear days.

Prairie falcon, golden eagles and Tule elk make their home in the undisturbed landscape. The area contains oak woodlands, a few seasonal wetlands, small, shallow valleys, and groves of pine and fir in the higher elevations. Beautiful red rock outcropping and rounded red boulders jut out from the densely vegetated slopes and several seasonal tributaries of the Salinas River have shady streamside woodlands.

The additions are comprised of four units: Fraser Canyon, Queen Bee, Aliso, and Beartrap.

Quick Facts

  • Size: 11,030 acres
  • Recreational Uses: Hiking
  • Ecological Values: Wildlife habitat and corridor, including condor foraging sites