Cucamonga Proposed Wilderness Additions

Fact Sheet: Cucamonga Proposed Wilderness Additions

The proposed Cucamonga Wilderness Additions include the upper portions of the Lytle Creek watershed.

The rugged slopes and canyons of this magnificent country support some of Southern California’s largest sugar pine trees, Nelson’s bighorn sheep, and the sensitive lemon lily. The Middle Fork Lytle Creek Trail provides access to this relatively little visited portion of the wilderness, described in Trails of the Angeles as “one of the few islands of subalpine wilderness left in Southern California.” This trail is popular with anglers and others wishing to explore this uniquely-named wilderness.

The name “Cucamonga” was derived from an old Spanish Rancheria nearby, and has been interpreted as “sandy place,” or “place of many springs.”

Quick Facts

  • Management Agency: U.S. Forest Service, Angeles and San Bernardino National Forests
  • Location: Los Angeles County
  • Watershed: Lytle Creek
  • Size: 11,511 acres
  • Recreational Uses: Hiking, fishing
  • Ecological Values: Rare Southern California example of subalpine wilderness, wildlife habitat