Dick Smith Additions

Fact Sheet: Dick Smith Additions

Chaparral-covered slopes, eroded sandstone outcroppings, narrow and deep river and creek gorges, waterfalls, deep pools, and abundant wildlife – these are a few of the many fascinating treasures found in the proposed additions surrounding the Dick Smith Wilderness. These additions form the upper watersheds for the Santa Ynez and Cuyama Rivers, vitally important sources of water for the communities around the forest, including the billion-dollar wine industry in the Santa Ynez Valley and all the residents of the South Coast between Goleta and Carpenteria.

Southwestern Addition – This area’s western and northern boundaries formed by Buckhorn Road (Forest Service Road (FSR) 9N11), eastern boundary is existing Dick Smith Wilderness, and the southern boundary is Buckhorn Trail (27W12).

Northern Addition – The western boundary roughly follows Santa Barbara Canyon Road, northern and eastern boundaries formed by Los Padres NF border, and the southern boundary FSR 8N19 and Tinta Trail (24W02).

Eastern Addition – The western boundary is existing Dick Smith Wilderness, northern boundary is FSR 7N04, eastern boundary formed by private inholdings along Hwy 33 and Bear Canyon Trail (24W01), and the southern boundary is Hwy 33.

Southeastern Addition – The western and northern boundaries are formed by FSR 7N05, the eastern boundary is formed by FSRs 6N17 and 6N03, and southern boundary formed by FSR 6N24 and FSR 6N30.

Quick Facts

  • Location: Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties
  • Watershed: Santa Ynez and Cuyama Rivers
  • Size: 54,221 acres
  • Recreational Uses: Hiking
  • Ecological Values: Water resources, wildlife habitat and corridor