Chumash Wilderness Additions

Fact Sheet: Chumash Wilderness Additions

Falling away from the heights of Mt. Pinos , the Chumash potential wilderness additions reveal a striking and eroded landscape. These badlands are a maze of chaparral-covered steep and narrow canyons. Seasonal creeks and perennial springs are interspersed throughout the area. While the upper elevations in these areas contain pines and other montane conifers, the lower elevations find more level terrain, including vast areas where springtime brings colorful wildflower displays.

This area, being more remote than some areas of the forest is also an excellent place to see wildlife. Edging back from extinction, the California condor with its 9-foot wingspan may be observed soaring over the area while black bear, mountain lion and mule deer also inhabit the region.

Total Chumash Additions – 23,670 acres

Quick Facts

  • Size: 23, 670 acres
  • Recreational Uses: Hiking, wildflower viewing
  • Ecological Values: Wildlife habitat and corridor