Buzzard’s Peak Wilderness

Fact Sheet: Buzzard’s Peak Wilderness

The geologically rich soils of the proposed Indian Pass Wilderness Additions and the adjacent proposed Buzzards Peak Wilderness create landscapes of rich chocolate brown, yellows, reds, and blues.

These areas are an important part of the traditional homeland of the Quechan tribe, containing ancient trails, intaglios, rock alignments, sleeping circles, lithic scatter, and other evidence of the tribe’s long history here. The proposed Indian Pass Additions and Buzzards Peak Wilderness were left out of the 1994 California Desert Protection Act because of private ownership. But, these wild areas have since been purchased by private donors and gifted to the BLM for conservation.

Quick Facts

  • Management Agency: Bureau of Land Management
  • Location: Imperial County
  • Size: 10,860 acres
  • Recreational Uses: Hiking
  • Ecological Values: Native American intaglios, wildlife habitat for cholla and beavertail cacti, ocotillos, palo verde, acacias, ironwood trees, the rare California ditaxis, desert tortoise, Yuma king snake, Colorado River toad, Great Plains toad, tree lizard, burros, mule deer and mountain lion.