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Peak Design Employees

Peak Design Partners with Calwild for Wilderness Protection

San Francisco-based product design brand, Peak Design, commits to protecting California’s wild lands and waters!

Today we announce the continuation of our years-long partnership with San Francisco company, Peak Design. As part of their pledge to give 1% of their proceeds to environmental initiatives, Peak Design renewed as an Industry Leader, the highest level of the conservation organization’s Group Member program. Industry Leaders give $5,000 or more to CalWild’s efforts to protect wild places across California. Through their yearly pledge and an additional split from Giving Tuesday 2021 proceeds, Peak Design donated $13,000 to CalWild in total.  

The partnership extends a multiyear partnership between the two Bay Area-based teams. From our Executive Director, Chris Morrill, “Year after year, we’re grateful to Peak Design for their partnership. They truly set the standard.”

CalWild applauds Peak Design for committing to the wild, public lands that make their homestate so revered for outdoors recreation, a common theme amongst the brand’s client base.

Peak Design began in 2010 building crowdfunded campaigns for high-quality photography accessories and bags. The company has built on the efficient design of their early products as they’ve expanded their line of products while maintaining a strict code of excellence in terms of environmental sustainability. Dup Crosson, CalWild’s Development Director, says, “Peak Design goes about as far as any small-to-medium product design brand that I know of, in terms of how they think about ecological impact.”

In addition to their membership in conservation hubs Conservation Alliance, Camber Outdoors, and 1% for the Planet, Peak Design is a certified B Corporation. They also helped found Climate Neutral, a nonprofit focused on serving other businesses who wish to neutralize their carbon footprint. “We believe California Wilderness Coalition plays a critical role in protecting California’s wilderness.” says Sustainability Director Annie Nyborg. “I’m continually impressed with the organization’s effectiveness and quality of work.”

Both groups encourage other California businesses to join CalWild as a Group Member. Memberships start at $250 and come with a variety of visibility benefits. Learn more at