Working With Everyone


CalWild’s unofficial motto has long been “we’ll meet with anybody.” And that tendency goes beyond the grassroots organizing tactics we’ve honed since 1976; it also applies to the wide spectrum of foundations, other groups, and businesses of all sizes with whom we collaborate for many projects.

We’ve already established a wide spectrum of ways to work with other groups, and are open to hearing your ideas for new partnership opportunities. Contact us if you’re interested in working together on:

  • sponsorships (interns, events, campaigns)
  • restoration projects
  • film screenings
  • fundraisers
  • membership drives
  • town hall meetings
  • special events
  • discount swaps
  • corporate presentations
  • other action opportunities

Recent Partnership Highlights

Ventucky String Band at Topa Topa’s Pints with Purpose event, 3/30/17.

In March 2017, Topa Topa Brewing Company wanted to contribute to our efforts in re-introducing the Central Coast Heritage Protection Act, and agreed to donate 1% of their monthly proceeds to CalWild, the lead group in the local Central Coast Wild Heritage coalition.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also hosted another installment of their ongoing Pints with Purpose series on March 30th, with 10% of the evening’s proceeds donated. We helped bring over 250 people to the event, which featured the Ventucky String Band and a raffle. Topa Topa staff said it was one of the larger attendances they’ve ever had for that series!

In February/March 2017 we worked with several sponsors for our annual Membership Drive:


We’ve also worked with: