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Chris Morrill

Our wild places make pushing through the tough times a little easier: ED Report June 2023

By Chris Morrill, Executive Director

The great beauty and diversity of our landscapes make pushing through the tough times a little easier.

I have to say this has been a weird summer. It has felt more like early spring in the Bay Area, but this upcoming heat wave should quickly bring in the summer vibes I think many of us have been waiting for. So, as is tradition, I want to make an annual pitch for you to explore California’s natural bounty. The privilege of getting to work for CalWild is that I am constantly reminded of, and regularly provided with opportunities to experience, the great beauty and diversity of our landscapes. I recognize that living in California isn’t easy. From the soaring cost of living to regular natural disasters, it can feel like a real grind for residents. However, our wild places make pushing through a little easier.

One of the primary reasons I came back to California after 10 years away was my vivid memories of the places I loved from my childhood.

Mecca Hills Wilderness

Now that I’m back, I would find it extremely difficult to abandon the unique experience of being a Californian. Experiencing the foggy redwood forests in the north to the hot deserts in the south can’t be found in any other state in the nation – and is a reality for only a few other places in the world. Where else can you snow ski in the morning, enjoy a picnic on a beautiful river in the afternoon, and then hit the beach for sunset? As we are consumed by our busy lives, it is easy to forget about what we have available to us. An extra motivator for me is to show my kids all the wonder California has to offer. This year, we’re working on a trip to the Northern Sierra. We are still deciding on the unique landscapes of Lassen or the raging rivers of the Plumas, but I know whatever landscape we choose will be memorable for my kids.

It takes a long time to get to know the diversity of areas in California. I hope you’ll check another place off your list in 2023. And, if you need ideas, be sure to check out our newly added adventures of the month.

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