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Northwest Campaign Update

CalWild’s Mountains & Rivers Campaign encompasses the northwestern counties of California stretching from coastal streams in Marin County to the remote forests of Del Norte County. The campaign is working on draft legislation to protect the region’s unique biodiversity, restore watersheds and fisheries, support economic development, expand recreational opportunities, address fire management issues, and – of course – designate wilderness and wild and scenic river status to its unprotected treasures.

After years of environmental controversy in this remote region, our coalition is helping bring together historically opposed groups, such as timber companies and conservationists. These groups are finding common ground and identifying ways to protect the best of our remaining pristine landscapes, restore areas impacted by unregulated industry, put our fisheries back together, and manage for fire.

Blue Creek, a tributary to the mighty Klamath River.
Blue Creek, a tributary to the mighty Klamath River.

The campaign is also working with local businesses and recreational outfitters to expand outdoor opportunities in the region. Although we have many different definitions of “recreation,” it is also one of the key things that brings us together. By maintaining and expanding our current trail network while brainstorming new opportunities, we will enhance access to these beautiful places for the many of us who like to camp, bike, hike, fish, hunt, and paddle in them.Blue Creek, a tributary of the mighty Klamath River.

Locals know that it’s the recreation economy that brings so many people to this region. From exploring the redwoods to rafting the whitewater of the Trinity and Smith Rivers, our coalition will bolster the gateway communities leading to these areas of pristine exploration. By expanding recreational opportunities, we will contribute to the success of our local businesses and – perhaps more importantly – recognize the symbiotic relationship between our protected places and our local economy.

Currently, we’re meeting with individuals and groups throughout the region, sharing ideas, integrating input, and gathering support. It’s a really exciting time, and we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to get involved!

We are also enthusiastically hoping that Congressman Jared Huffman will carry this legislation in 2017, and we’re doing everything we can to build the support that he would need to introduce public lands legislation.

Our early meetings with Representative Huffman have been productive, but we need YOUR help to make sure he commits to this campaign. Please sign onto our petition here and visit the campaign’s page to find out more information (or email Alison Sterling, Northwest Organizer).