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Nine months as CalWild: embracing change, sustaining purpose

It’s been nearly a year since we embarked on our rebrand journey, transitioning from the California Wilderness Coalition to CalWild in April of 2023. 


This transition was both exciting and daunting for an organization deeply rooted in its history. Recognizing the need to stay at the forefront of conservation in California, we embraced a big change that would ultimately bring us closer, and better aligned with the current conservation landscape. 


With almost a year behind us, we pause to reflect on the progress made, the impact created, and the ongoing vision that propels us forward. 

The significance behind the change

Although we’ve been using CalWild as a shorthand name for over 5 years now, there’s more significance behind the big change.


A departure from our coalition structure:

When our organization was initially established, it operated with a formal membership structure, working closely with these members to advance wilderness protection. Evolving circumstances in the conservation space have led us to move beyond that traditional coalition model.


Today, CalWild is working on issues that transcend individual protection campaigns like public lands funding, trespass marijuana grows, wildfire, sustainable recreation Tribal co-management, equity, and more. We are continuing to push to find new solutions to restore the ecological health of our landscapes and communities.


Taking a broader approach:

While wilderness preservation remains our guiding principle, we acknowledge the current multifaceted challenges require a broader approach. Recognizing the complexity of today’s conservation issues, we understand the necessity of utilizing all available tools to address these challenges effectively.

A new look to foster a bigger community of advocates

The rebrand has been, and will continue to be, a catalyst in fostering a stronger bond with you –– our community of advocates, partners, and stakeholders. With a new name, logo, brand colors, and updated messaging we’ve been able to enhance our outreach and give our organization’s look a revitalized feel to match the landscape of the times.


We organized fundraising and engagement events featuring our revamped messaging, an enhanced digital presence, updated physical materials, all infused with a renewed perspective and heightened passion for our wild places.


Speaking of the new look, have you seen our new official CalWild merch yet? Head here to grab a new official apparel item! Any purchase you make helps us continue our mission.


Milestones and achievements

With our new name and look in tow over the past nine months, we’ve celebrated numerous victories (more to come in our official year in review). From engaging in pivotal conservation initiatives, to fostering stronger connections within our organization and communities, each  a testament to our collective efforts and passion for our wild places.


Embracing growth, sustaining values

While the rebrand has brought change, our core values remain unwavering. We’ve embraced growth while staying true to our ethos of conservation and inclusivity. Every step forward has been guided by a commitment to uphold our values and honor the wilderness we strive to protect.


From the original announcement of our rebrand, Chris Morrill said, “In our view, to achieve the protections we seek, we need to create a conservation movement that has the political might to move important initiatives forward. We hope to bring in more people who have not historically felt a part of the conservation movement. By learning how people interact with our state’s wild places, we can better understand how their experiences connect to our work.”


With your support in 2024, we aim to forge ahead, breaking new ground, and advocating tirelessly for the conservation of California’s wild spaces. Thank you for being part of the CalWild family and for your ongoing commitment to keeping California wild!