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Improving signs on the Merced Wild and Scenic River corridor: Community report released

With a grant from the River Network, CalWild was recently able to complete a community needs assessment along the Merced Wild and Scenic River corridor (State Route 140) looking at the need for improved interpretative signage. The report, published this month, specifically focuses on how to provide non-English signage for the Latinx and Asian communities that are frequent users of this Yosemite gateway, as well as the resources needed to implement such a project.

Photo by Evan B Dudley

With new reservation requirements to Yosemite National Park taking effect, drought conditions creating toxic algal blooms, and wildfires besieging chronically underfunded management agencies like the USFS, a number of management issues presented themselves during the course of our field visits.

Signs are the beginning of good stewardship, and we’re proud to present this blueprint report that a community group, activist, or brand can use as a toolkit for phase 2.

Read or download the report here.