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Greetings from our new interim Executive Director

Hello! I’m Mark, the new Interim Executive Director at CalWild.

Now that Chris Morrill has moved on, I thought I would introduce myself and why I work for CalWild.

I have worked in conservation policy and advocacy for more than 30 years as an executive director, in fund development positions and as a community volunteer. I’m a California native and I have spent many days in our state’s beautiful backcountry, running its rivers, and appreciating my sheer good fortune to have been born here.

I live in Sonoma County, known for its wine and food, but for me the most moving aspects of where I live are the land and waters themselves: the rocky cliffs overlooking the Pacific, the ancient redwood forests, the rolling hills of oak chaparral and grasslands, alternately green or gold depending on the season.

I love it here. Elsewhere in California, I love the northern forests, the Sierra, the stark, magnificent deserts and the many unique and marvelous places I’ve experienced. And there are still so many to explore.

I came to CalWild because I wanted to work to address the existential challenges of our times: crashing biodiversity and climate change. CalWild’s work is exactly that, working to create permanent protections for the habitat lands, connectivity corridors, and carbon-sequestering forests, wetlands and deserts that are our best bet for meeting these crises and solving them.

It’s honorable work, and it couldn’t happen without you. Your grassroots input, your contributions and your belief in a better future for all of us could not be more important now.

I’m excited to serve in this role. I hope that as CalWild enters another chapter you will keep the faith and continue to support us in all the ways you are able. Our policy and program staff have nearly a combined 80 years of experience in conservation advocacy—experience and knowledge which other conservation organizations lean on heavily as we work together to protect what is most unique and special about California.

So thank you for being a part of these efforts. Again: we couldn’t do it without you.

For the wild,

Mark Green