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From the Interim ED’s Desk

It’s been a wet winter in much of the state. Where I live, the hills have turned green, and the first wildflowers—white frilly Milkmaids—are blooming.


Early spring is a beautiful time to be in California. Between atmospheric rivers, we enjoy sparkling days when the whole world seems fresh and new. Time to get out the mud boots and hit the trail!


Here at CalWild, we’re in a whirlwind of activity. Organizing in support of new National Monuments and expanded existing Monuments proceeds, and we just completed extensive comments on the Bureau of Land Management’s Northwest Integrated Resource Management Plan (NCIP). The draft document was quite encouraging, and we are pushing for the final plan to be even more protective of wild spaces, key recreational areas and segments of Wild and Scenic Rivers.


Our organizing project for the Upper Eel River watershed has kicked off, and we are happy to welcome our Project Manager, Ruth Atkins, who joins facilitator Caelan McGee as contractors who will do much of the hands-on work. Our hopes for this project are high: that whatever happens with proposed dam removals on the Eel, the fisheries and local habitat will be restored and local residents will come to consensus in support of new fire resilience, recreational and economic development projects which can be implemented going forward.


We couldn’t do any of this work, of course, without YOU. Your generous support makes it possible that in the next year, potentially millions of acres of California could be protected by legislation, by Presidential declaration, and through conservation planning processes.


So from all of us, thank you. Your help enables CalWild to keep up the good fight.


For the wild,