Fact Sheets

Browse below for facts sheets explaining the important areas and attributes of our campaigns.

Inyo Forest:

  • Glass Mountains – Dexter Canyon Wilderness
  • Horse Meadow Addition – Ansel Adams Wilderness
  • Hot Creek Proposed WSR
  • Lee Vining Creek Proposed WSR
  • Lone Pine Creek Proposed WSR
  • Rock Creek Proposed WSR
  • Southern Sierra Wilderness Addition
  • White Mountains Wilderness Addition

Sequoia Forest:

  • Domeland Wilderness Addition
  • Golden Trout Wilderness Addition
  • Lower Kern Proposed WSR
  • Salmon Creek Proposed WSR

Sierra Forest:

  • Bear Mountain Wilderness
  • Dinkey Creek Proposed WSR
  • Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Addition
  • Ferguson Ridge-Devil Gulch Wilderness
  • Kings Proposed WSR
  • Monache Wilderness Addition
  • Mt. Raymond Ansel Adams Wilderness Addition