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With THREE major victories for conservation campaigns led by CalWild in the past two weeks, it is time to celebrate!


First, the Biden Administration announced its Public Lands Rule, which codifies that conservation, recreation, clean air and water will be weighed equally with economic uses such as oil and gas exploration, grazing, logging and mining when the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) makes its management decisions for public lands.


The importance of this cannot be overstated. For decades the 245 million acres of lands managed by the BLM have been exploited for private profit far more often than managed for public benefit. This policy will correct that imbalance and is certain to result in protection of important watershed, habitat and recreational lands throughout the nation.


THEN, today, the President announced the expansion of two California National Monuments, the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument and the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument.


CalWild has been campaigning for these important achievements for years. Seeing them cross the finish line is a real joy.


Next up: designation of a new Chuckwalla National Monument in the California desert. We’re still organizing hard for Chuckwalla and Senator Padilla and Rep. Ruiz have recently introduced bills in Congress to create the new Monument. Our hope is that Chuckwalla will become a reality by the end of the year.


Check out this video by The Conservation Alliance about their “Mobilizing for Monuments” road trip, featuring CalWild’s Assistant Policy Director Linda Castro talking about Chuckwalla:



CalWild’s efforts to permanently protect California’s wonders are essential work for addressing climate change, for wildlife and native flora, for outdoor recreation, for Indigenous cultural preservation and reclamation, and for all the many future generations of Californians and visitors. Your support for our work has enabled these successes, so thank you for your generosity of funds, time and spirit, and congratulations to everyone who helped to make these wins possible.