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ED Report May 2022

By Chris Morrill, Executive Director

Last month, I wrote about how impactful it is to visit our public lands with friends, family and colleagues. It forges meaningful connections that aren’t developed in too many other spaces. That was confirmed with a great trip to the proposed expansion of the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument.

At CalWild, we recognize how important those experiences are in building people’s personal value of public lands; therefore, in recent years, we’ve explored ways to further encourage and grow access to public lands. If people don’t have a connection to their public lands, they won’t care what happens to them.

As we’ve identified in our recent strategic plan, we need to make sure those who recognize their love for public lands have the necessary tools to advocate on their behalf. Those in the conservation movement are having to expand our work beyond simply locking public lands away from extractive development.

The future of conservation requires the constant engagement of local residents and organizations on the adverse issues facing their local public lands. It has been great to see the expansion of local groups over the last twenty years. CalWild’s goal is to empower these passionate and capable advocates. Their organizing and motivating local residents to engage in the long-term advocacy will have real impact for years to come.

My pitch last month was to get out to public lands and make connections with friends and family. Taking it to the next step, I encourage you to reach out to your local conservation group and get involved. The places we love will only remain that way if we actively engage in their management. Don’t have a local conservation group? Start one, and CalWild will be here to help.

Please let me know your thoughts, comments, and questions by emailing me at