Executive Director’s Report, September 2021

Executive Director’s Report, September 2021 960 960 California Wilderness Coalition

By Chris Morrill, Executive Director

The world is a mess. Or at least it feels that way to me. One of the greatest things about my work is that
breaking through that noise to celebrate our majestic wild places is part of my job, and the perfect antidote to our crazy lives.

This month, I wanted to share the work of Bob Wick, a retired BLM wilderness specialist and photographer who brought countless moments of joy to my days behind a computer. It’s hard to capture in an image the feeling of being in a wild place. Bob’s many images from around the country get as close as they come.

Please take a look at some of the retrospectives done in his honor (The Atlantic, Center for Western Priorities, and Bureau of Land Management). Below are a handful of our favorites collected over the years. During his time with the BLM he worked closely with our staff including on the Carrizo Plain National Monument and the designation of the King Range Wilderness in northwestern California.

And although he’s retired you can still follow him on Instagram (@wickphotos). From the looks of his early retirement photos, he hasn’t chosen to hang up his hiking boots. Thanks again, Bob! And enjoy, everyone!

Alabama Hills


Carrizo Plain National Monument

Mojave Trails National Monument

Sand to Snow National Monument

Cadiz Wilderness and Valley

Kings Range National Conservation Area

Mojave Trails National Monument

North Fork American Wild and Scenic River

Sacramento River Bend Area

Sage Grouse

Berryessa Snow Mountain

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