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CalWild and its partners are united in facing threats coming from Congress, the White House, and from within California, and we’ll be tracking our resistance here. It’s important that we engage everyone who is opposed to the special interest development projects we see on a regular basis as well speaking up to politicians and decision-makers that don’t vote for healthier public lands.

Luckily, we know that the majority of Americans support public lands and wilderness areas, and that grassroots activism can generate real change at every level, even against the toughest odds.

Public Lands Defense Network

We lead the statewide Public Lands Defense Network to help facilitate communication and collaboration among conservationists working to defend California’s public lands. The group consists of partner NGOs, foundations, and grasstops leaders throughout California (and some in D.C.). So far the group has helped develop strategy for key campaigns, organize localized rallies, create and disseminate action alerts to wide audiences, and influence legislation at the state and federal levels. Efforts assisted by the Network include the passage of a statewide bill, SB 307, which effectively shuttered the irresponsible Cadiz, Inc. project in the Mojave Desert that would have exploited precious groundwater to subsidize unsustainable development elsewhere in southern California. The Network also helped convince the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to protect certain populations of mountain lions in the Golden State under the California Endangered Species Act.

If you’d like to be part of our regular phone meetings, email Senior Policy Director Ryan Henson at

Stand By Your Lands Workshops

CalWild leads workshops geared at training public lands advocates in the current political climate. These trainings are free and led by the state’s premiere wilderness expert, Senior Policy Director Ryan Henson. During these sessions, attendees will learn how they can best contribute to managing their National Forests, National Parks, and Bureau of Land Management lands and ensure that they are:

  • well-funded,
  • well-managed,
  • accessible to all, and
  • can support thriving populations of native plants and wildlife.

We’ve so far held SBYL workshops in Redding, Fresno, and Bakersfield.

Bill Tracker

Use the dropdown lists below to explore the bills and threats we are monitoring. We are also monitoring progress of a number of lower priority threats, which you can view here (these bills are currently considered a lower priority because they have not had any recent movement, and not because they would be less of a threat if they were enacted).


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  • H.R. 279/S. 877  Roadless Area Conservation Act of 2021 Would prohibit road construction, road reconstruction, or logging in an inventoried roadless area where those activities are prohibited by the Roadless Rule. There are 4.4 million acres of inventoried roadless areas in California that would receive protection from this proposed legislation.
    • House sponsor: Gallego (AZ)
    • House cosponsor(s):DeGette (CO), Lowenthal (CA), Welch (VT), Grijalva (AZ), Moore (WI), Huffman (CA), Bonamici (OR), Barragan (CA), Killmer (WA), Thompson (MS), Panetta (CA), Smith (WA), Schakowsky (IL), Khanna (CA), Cartwright (PA), Stevens (MI), Velazquez (NY), Cohen (TN), Sires (NJ), Brownley (CA), Jayapal (WA), Maloney (NY), Casten (IL), Cleaver (MO), Castor (FL), DelBene (WA), Krishnamoorthi (IL), Hastings (FL), Pingree (ME), Connolly (VA), Clarke (NY), Beatty (OH), Case (HI), Escobar (TX), Blumenauer (OR), Kim (NJ), Schiff (CA), Watson Coleman (NJ), Pallone (NJ), Eshoo (CA),Roybal-Allard (CA), Boyle (PA), Carbajal (CA), Quigley (IL), Trahan (MA), Tonko (NY), Tlaib (MI), McCollum (MN), McGovern (MA), Foster (IL), Beyer (VA), Pocan (WI), Evans (PA), Garcia (IL), Napolitano (CA),Takano (CA), Schrier (WA), Chu (CA), Suozzi (NY), Dingell (MI), Malinowski (NJ), Larsen (WA), Nadler (NY), Kirkpatrick (AZ), Spanberger (VA), Soto (FL), Lieu (CA), McEachin (VA), Neguse (CO), Crow (CO), DeSaulnier (CA), Newman (IL), Norton (DC), Blunt Rochester (DE), Levin (CA), Lofgren (CA), Porter (CA), Jones (NY), Scott (VA)
    • House Movement:
      • 1/12/21 Introduced and referred to Committees on Agriculture and Natural Resources
      • 2/18/21 Referred to Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands
      • 2/24/21 Referred to Subcommittee on Conservation and Forestry
    • Senate sponsor:  Cantwell (WA)
    • Senate cosponsor(s):  Blumenthal (CT), Booker (NJ), Cardin (MD), Durbin (IL), Feinstein (CA), Gillibrand (NY), Heinrich (NM), Hirono (HI), Leahy (VT), Markey (MA), Menendez (NJ), Merkley (OR), Murray (WA), Reed (RI), Rosen (NV), Sanders (VT), Smith (MN), Whitehouse (RI), Wyden (OR)
    • Senate Movement:
      • 3/22/21 Introduced and referred to Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
  • H.R. 693 – San Gabriel Mountains Foothills and Rivers Protection ActWould add about 31,000 acres of new wilderness and wilderness additions and about 45 miles of wild and scenic rivers in the Angeles National Forest.  It would add approximately 110,000 acres to the existing San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, resulting in the protection of the Upper Los Angeles River wastershed and more of the important objects for which the Monument was originally designated.  It would also designate a National Recreation Area (approximately 50,000 acres) in the foothills outside of the Forest in the San Gabriel Valley, the Rio Hondo and the San Gabriel River corridors and the Puente Chino Hills, which would connect, protect and create open spaces outside of the Forest that would be more easily accessed by underserved communities.
    • Sponsor: Chu (CA)
    • Cosponsor(s): Huffman (CA), Carbajal (CA), Schiff (CA), Napolitano (CA), Cardenas (CA), Roybal-Allard (CA), Sanchez (CA), Barragan (CA), Gomez (CA), Lee (CA), Brownley (CA), Porter (CA), Lowenthal (CA), Takano (CA), Eshoo (CA), DeSaulnier (CA), Khanna (CA), Torres (CA), Case (HI)
    • Movement:
      • 2/2/21 Introduced and referred to Committee on Natural Resources
      • 2/16/21 Included in package H.R. 803 – Protecting America’s Wilderness and Public Lands Act
      • 2/26/21 Included in H.R. 803 and passed by the House (Yeas 227, Nays 200)
  • H.R. 878 –Northwest California Wilderness, Recreation, and Working Forests ActWould add about 260,000 acres of new wilderness and wilderness additions in Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity Counties, and about 480 miles of wild and scenic rivers.  It would establish the 729,000-acre South Fork Trinity River Restoration Area to restore the forests, habitat, and fisheries in this significant watershed. The proposal will also help restore fire-resilient forests in wilderness areas and clean up public lands that have been damaged by illegal trespass activity such as marijuana grows.
    • Sponsor: Huffman (CA)
    • Cosponsor(s): Chu (CA), Carbajal (CA)
    • Movement:
      • 2/11/21 Introduced and referred to Committee on Natural Resources
      • 2/16/21 Included in package H.R. 803 – Protecting America’s Wilderness and Public Lands Act
      • 2/26/21 Included in H.R. 803 and passed by the House (Yeas 227, Nays 200)
  • H.R. 973 – Central Coast Heritage Protection Act – Would designate about 280,000 acres of wilderness and potential wilderness in the Los Padres National Forest and Carrizo Plain National Monument and designate about 159 miles of streams as wild and scenic rivers.  It would also designate about 35,000 acres of national scenic areas and create the Condor Trail National Scenic Trail, which would provide a 400-mile through-hiking route in the Los Padres National Forest.
    • Sponsor: Carbajal (CA)
    • Cosponsor(s): Huffman (CA), Chu (CA), Panetta (CA), Brownley (CA)
    • Movement:
      • 2/11/21 Introduced and referred to Committee on Natural Resources
      • 2/16/21 Included in package H.R. 803 – Protecting America’s Wilderness and Public Lands Act
      • 2/26/21 Included in H.R. 803 and passed by the House (Yeas 227, Nays 200)
  •  H.R. 1075/S. 1769 Rim of the Valley Corridor Preservation Act –Would adjust the boundary of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (managed by the National Park Service) to include the Rim of the Valley Corridor (about 190,000 acres in the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys, Griffith Park, Hansen Dam Recreation Area, Sepulveda Basin, Ernest Debs Regional Park, El Pueblo De Los Angeles Historical Monument, Eaton Canyon and other areas in Pasadena).
    • House Sponsor: Schiff (CA)
    • House Cosponsor(s): Chu (CA), Sherman (CA), Gomez (CA), Lowenthal (CA), Cardenas (CA), Brownley (CA), Lieu (CA), Garcia (CA)
    • House Movement:
      • 2/15/21 Introduced and referred to Committee on Natural Resources
      • 2/26/21 Included in H.R. 803 and passed by the House (Yeas 227, Nays 200)
    • Senate Sponsor: Feinstein (CA)
    • Senate Cosponsor(s): Padilla (CA)
    • Senate Movement:
      • 5/20/21 Introduced and referred to Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
  • H.R. 1162/S. 487 – 21st Century Conservation Corps ActWould provide funding for Fiscal Year 2021 to the Departments of Agriculture, Interior, Homeland Security, Labor, and Commerce primarily for federal land management and other conservation purposes.  The funding provided by this bill is designated as emergency spending, which is exempt from discretionary spending limits. The bill also does a number of other things including:
    • Expands the Every Kid Outdoors Program to include fifth and sixth grade students and home-schooled learners 11 and 12 years of age, who shall be provided free access to federal lands and waters under the program;
    • Establishes the Forest Service Legacy Roads and Trails Remediation Program;
    • Establishes the 21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps program to support youth and workforce development programs;
    • Provides for the use of the Reforestation Trust Fund for the reforestation of certain National Forest System lands, Bureau of Land Management lands, and Bureau of Indian Affairs lands;
    • Establishes the Reforest America Grant Program; and
    • Extends through Fiscal Year 2030 and revises the Conservation Stewardship Program, including to provide additional funding for conservation activities related to climate stewardship practices.
    • House sponsor: Neguse (CO)
    • House cosponsor(s): Kilmer (WA), Huffman (CA), Lowenthal (CA) 
    • House movement:
      • 2/18/21 Introduced and referred to Committees on Appropriations and Budget
    • Senate sponsor: Wyden (OR)
    • Senate cosponsor(s):Merkley (OR), Heinrich (NM), Booker (NJ)
    • Senate movement:
      • 2/25/21 Introduced and referred to Committees on Energy and Natural Resources

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