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Coyuchi Partners with CalWild for Wilderness Protection

The leader in sustainable home textiles, gives CalWild $8,000 

Coyuchi doesn’t just make cozy textiles and home goods—they make cozy textiles and home goods that you can feel good about using. Their vision is to set a new standard. First, to create soft, luxurious, and lasting home textiles using 100% organic cotton, and second, to seek accountability for their own footprint. As the first organic luxury home goods brand for sustainable living, they’ve decided to take their impact a step further by donating over $8,000 to CalWild to help protect and preserve California’s wild places. 

While they have been committed to sustainable practices since 1991, this generous donation is continued proof of their intent to bring attention to the importance of protecting and preserving California’s wild places.

The Earth isn’t disposable, and your linens shouldn’t be either

Coyuchi’s Circular Initiative

Coyuchi’s list of sustainable practices is extensive, and its circular initiative program is the first of its kind. They’re effectively turning accountability into action by reducing the need for raw materials and creating linens designed to last a lifetime. A unique part of this is their “2nd Home Take Back” program – an initiative that recycles and renews any old Coyuchi linens.

California inspires Coyuchi’s palettes, patterns, and designs—as well as its actions. Every day, they witness the effects of pollution and climate change on the land that Californians call home. We applaud their commitment to sustainability and welcome them as a great partner of CalWild in protecting California’s public lands.

Both groups encourage other California businesses to join CalWild as a Group Member. Memberships start at $250 and come with a variety of visibility benefits. Learn more at