California Wilderness Act Anniversary Hikes

September 28, 2016 marked the 32nd anniversary of the California Wilderness Act, which was approved by Congress and signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. This landmark legislation protected more…

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40th Anniversary Dinner Recap

A 40 year anniversary is occasion to celebrate. Although longevity doesn’t always equal success, in the California Wilderness Coalition’s (CalWild) case longevity and success have gone hand in hand. In…

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Celebrating 10 years of Wildness in the King Range

Post by: Leisyka Parrott, Interpretive Specialist, BLM Arcata Field Office Skyfish School students, teachers and chaperones celebrated the 10th anniversary of the King Range Wilderness alongside Student Conservation Association Interns, Lost…

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1978 Ishi
CalWild: A Startup Success Story

by Phil Farrell, CalWild co-founder   The Silicon Valley startup is a cultural icon based on youth, passion, and a disruptive idea. Well, we have a great story of a startup…

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Celebrating the biggest victory in years

The Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) permanently protects almost three million acres of some of the most unique and ecologically and culturally important landscapes in the desert in order…

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Adding to the CA Coastal National Monument

The California Coastal National Monument (CCNM) was established by President Clinton in 2000 to protect approximately 20,000 small islands and other geologic formations along the entire 1,100 miles of the…

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