Another Attack on our Desert

by Linda Castro. Originally published on  If you were to ask me where I would spend a perfect day, I would immediately say the California desert. It wasn’t always…

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Why bikes aren’t right for wilderness

For years, wilderness opponents have looked for ways to undermine the fundamental protections outlined in the Wilderness Act. What they’ve found is an American public that loves the country’s wild…

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Just the Start

Repeatedly over the last few weeks I’ve been reminded about how long 2017 has felt. From an elected-President who argued climate change was a Chinese hoax and promised to end…

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Touring Camp Iron Mountain

CalWild, together with our partners, Bureau of Land Management (Needles Field Office), and Mojave Desert Land Trust (MDLT), recently provided our last 2017 interpretive tour of Camp Iron Mountain. This…

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Seuk Doo "Sam" Kim.
A mountain that begs 1,000 summits

By Brandon Kim, CalWild Volunteer The hiker – 79 years old, a sun-beaten face, wrinkled, yet full of joy – let out a deep sigh, stretching his arm out across…

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