Desert Adventures

Trona Pinnacles
Trona Pinnacles 1024 611 CalWild

Features: More than two million people visit Joshua Tree National Park and Death Valley National Park each year.  While there are many beautiful and interesting places to visit in each of…

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Whitewater River
Whitewater River 683 1024 CalWild

Features: The Whitewater River flows freely from the 11,499 foot- high summit of Mount San Gorgonio in the San Bernardino Mountains for more than 30 miles to the Coachella Valley.…

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Surprise Canyon
Surprise Canyon 685 1024 CalWild

Features: Surprise Canyon is a rare perennial desert stream flowing through the spectacular Panamint Mountains. The narrow slot canyon’s year-round stream flow, spring seeps, waterfalls, and riparian vegetation offer outstanding…

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Deep Creek
Deep Creek 682 1024 CalWild

Features: Deep Creek flows from the mixed conifer forests of the San Bernardino Mountains through unique, diverse, and spectacular scenery to the the Mojave Desert. Along the way, the creek…

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Borrego Palm
Borrego Palm 600 800 CalWild

Features: Borrego Palm Canyon is a stunning oasis tucked into a rocky gorge. Once the site of over one thousand palms, a flash flood in 2004 wiped out 70 percent…

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Crater Lake
Amboy Crater
Amboy Crater 1024 768 CalWild

Features: This is a short but scenic hike in the newly designated Mojave Trails National Monument. Amboy Crater was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1973, due to is visual…

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