Desert Adventures

Morrow Trail
Morrow Trail 401 301 CalWild

Situated at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains in the Santa Rosa-San Jacinto Mountains National Monument (Monument), this trail will take you from an urban adjacent area through a…

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Milpitas Wash Wilderness
Milpitas Wash Wilderness 1024 208 CalWild

Features: S. 47, the John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act, protected over 375,000 acres of new wilderness areas in the California desert in March 2019. One of those…

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North Algodones Dunes
North Algodones Dunes 1024 679 CalWild

Courtesy of the Outdoor Project. Features: The Imperial Sand Dunes, otherwise known as the Glamis sand dunes, are the largest mass of sand dunes in California and have been used as…

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North Fork San Jacinto and Fuller Mill Creek Wild & Scenic Rivers
North Fork San Jacinto and Fuller Mill Creek Wild & Scenic Rivers 669 1024 CalWild

Info courtesy of San Bernadino National Forest. Features: This 3.5 mile wild and scenic river system finds its source on the heights of San Jacinto Peak in the Mount San Jacinto…

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Klamath River Overlook via Coastal Trail
Klamath River Overlook via Coastal Trail 1024 768 CalWild

[courtesy of U.S. National Park Service] Distance: This hike is an out and back, totaling roughly 8 miles. It is one section of the longer Coastal Trail, which is around 70 miles…

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Merced River hike.JPG
Merced River Hike
Merced River Hike 1024 693 CalWild

Features: The Merced River Canyon downstream of Briceburg on Highway 140 is a great destination for spring camping and hiking. The Merced River Wild and Scenic River leaves Highway 140 and…

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Amargosa Hikers
Amargosa River Hike
Amargosa River Hike 779 1024 CalWild

Features: Due to its low elevation and desert environment, fall, winter, and spring are excellent times to visit the Amargosa River. Hiking opportunities along the Amargosa abound near the small towns…

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Cottonwood Springs. Photo by Outdoor Project Contributor Tyson Gillard
Cottonwood Springs
Cottonwood Springs 1024 684 CalWild

[content courtesy of the Outdoor Project] Features: The climate here doesn’t support Joshua trees, which deters a number of people from making the trek. Consequently, this relatively lesser-trodden hike is perfect…

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Owl Canyon-Rainbow Basin-byJess Beauchemin 2
Owl Canyon
Owl Canyon 1024 683 CalWild

[content courtesy of the Outdoor Project] Features: Located in the Rainbow Basin Natural Area (and recently designated as a California Desert National Conservation Land), Owl Canyon is a big bang-for-your-buck hike. In…

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whitewaterxing by
Canyon View Loop
Canyon View Loop 1024 512 CalWild

[content courtesy of the Outdoor Project] Features: The Canyon View Loop begins and ends at the ranger station in the Whitewater Preserve, and it crosses one of the few year-round rivers in…

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