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CalWild Releases Strategic Plan

We are excited to announce the completion of CalWild’s first strategic plan in 10 years!

The reality is that CalWild is in a great place to take on the challenges and opportunities of our time. That is only true because we have such wonderful (and growing) support from all of you. We have focused on solidifying the organization in the last few years, which will help to make us be more effective into the future.

We are living in such difficulty times. Climate change is continuing to alter the landscape in California. Our prolonged drought, multiple catastrophic wildfires, and deepening extinction crisis create an apocalyptic sense in our state. We’re also reckoning with the challenges and reality of historic inequalities and racism. That’s a lot to digest when you’re planning a few years into the future.

To grapple with all of this, we reached out broadly to our friends and supporters. The strategic planning process took about six months. Over that time, we conducted dozens of interviews, a survey of our board and staff, another survey of our membership, and finally an in-depth retreat with CalWild board and staff.

We are very proud of the results. The good news that comes with any significant challenge is the potential of the new world we create. Our hope is that this plan can make CalWild an even more effective organization in protecting California’s wild places in the years to come.

Please take a look at our strategic plan growth areas and let us know what you think.