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CalWild Joins Sens. Padilla and Butler and Rep. Ruiz in call for Chuckwalla National Monument

(That’s  André Sanchez, CalWild Community Engagement and Conservation Policy Manager, on the left with the map)

Exciting news!


Yesterday, California Senators Padilla and Butler announced their introduction of a bill designating a new Chuckwalla National Monument, and Rep. Dr. Raul Ruiz, who represents the area, also reintroduced his bill creating the Monument in the House. All three called on President Biden to use his authority under the Antiquities Act to create this new desert Monument.


CalWild staff have been working diligently for several years to craft and organize in support of the Chuckwalla National Monument, performing not only critically important grassroots organizing to build community support for the idea but also connecting with key leaders like the Senators and Dr. Ruiz to advocate for its creation. The introduction of bills in both houses of Congress is a major step forward for this proposal and we are excited to see Chuckwalla move forward.


Creating protected National Monuments like Chuckwalla is a key strategy for both the California State and federal governments to advance their “30×30” goals to protect 30% of their lands and waters by 2030.  30×30 is a scientifically vetted approach to addressing both biodiversity decline and climate change.


The Antiquities Act, passed in 1906, has been an effective tool for designating and expanding national monuments on existing public lands. Unfortunately, given Congressional gridlock it has been difficult to get such protections through Congress. Since the creation of the Antiquities Act, 18 presidents—9 Republican and 9 Democratic—have used this tool to protect iconic places throughout the country.


For the full press release, visit here.


You can help! Contact Matthew Lee-Ashley, White House Council on Environmental Quality at, thank the President for his great achievements on conservation, and encourage him to designate the Chuckwalla National Monument.


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