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CalWild joins 450 other organizations in opposition to Trump’s EO

In response to President Trump’s egregious Executive Order calling for the review of 27 National Monuments, CalWild signed on to a letter to President Trump, Secretary Zinke, and Secretary Ross this week with 450 organizational allies from across the country. You can read the letter here.

As advocates for California’s most pristine landscapes and waterways for over 40 years, CalWild is committed to defending the 7 California monuments subject to this review, including many we have worked tirelessly to protect with local communities. Furthermore, we recognize this Executive Order is part of a larger, more dangerous battle against the very bedrock of our work, and we will fight to prevent the degradation of the Antiquities Act of 1906, the Wilderness Act of 1964, and subsequent policies that help preserve ecologically critical parcels of land for the betterment of wildlife and people.

Please consider a gift to help continue our public lands defense work today.