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CalWild COVID-19 Policy

This is a serious time for everyone as COVID-19 continues to spread throughout California and across the United States. CalWild is a group that prides itself on connecting with our supporters face to face and on their terms. This is an essential way we differentiate ourselves from large, national environmental groups.

However, to prioritize the health and safety of staff, our supporters, friends, colleagues, and in the interest of broader public health, CalWild will be adopting a series of changes to our policies. Adopted from the recommendations by federal, state, and other public health agencies, CalWild is requiring that all staff comply with the following policies:

  1. Work travel is severely limited: All staff will postpone, cancel, or move online any meetings or other in-person events. However, given that we work in remote parts of the state, we continue to encourage our staff to get outside in the wild places while continuing to maintain proper social distance and adhering to public health recommendations. For your physical and mental health, we hope you do the same.
  2. All staff will work from their homes: Most of CalWild’s staff already works from home offices. Those who do not will now be working remotely as much as possible. We appreciate your patience as we work through this new working circumstances.

Given the fluid nature of this pandemic, we will revisit these policies on April 6th.