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Blue Creek Hike

Blue Creek

Features: The immense diversity of plants and animals in this region sets it apart from most other California wild areas. Unusual soils, great rises and drops in elevation, and plenty of water all combine to offer a refuge for literally thousands of life-forms, many of which are found nowhere else on earth. A few years ago, the rare Humboldt marten, a creature many feared was extinct, was observed in the area. The region is of immense cultural importance to local tribes. Blue Creek hosts endangered salmon and steelhead trout populations and is noted for its impressive geology, abundant ancient forests and outstanding scenery. One hiking guide described this route as “One of the wildest, loveliest and loneliest of all the Siskiyou trails.”

Distance (one way): Approximately 6.5 miles to East Fork Blue Creek crossing. We suggest staying on the ridge and avoiding the steep drop to the creek.

Directions: From Highway 299 in Willow Creek, turn left (north) on Highway 96 and drive to Orleans. In Orleans, turn left (northwest) on Forest Highway 15, also known as Road 15N01 or the G-O Road. Drive to the trailhead on your left in Flint Valley approximately 8 miles north of the Forest Highway 13/Forest Highway 15 junction.


Weather and road conditions can change in an instant. Always check with the managing agency before embarking on a trip. Always hike with a friend and carry a cell phone for emergencies. Bring plenty of drinking water, food, and clothing for changing weather conditions. Let someone know where you are going and when you intend to be back. Remember, California’s wild places are beautiful but they can also be dangerous to the unprepared and unwary. The California Wilderness Coalition assumes no liability if you intend to visit any of the wild places featured in our materials.