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Defending the #DesertPlan

ur own Ryan Henson, CalWild’s Senior Policy Director, wrote an oped published in the San Jose Mercury News defending the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) against an attack by…

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Merced River hike.JPG
Merced River Hike

Features: The Merced River Canyon downstream of Briceburg on Highway 140 is a great destination for spring camping and hiking. The Merced River Wild and Scenic River leaves Highway 140 and…

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Amargosa Hikers
Amargosa River Hike

Features: Due to its low elevation and desert environment, fall, winter, and spring are excellent times to visit the Amargosa River. Hiking opportunities along the Amargosa abound near the small towns…

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Another Attack on our Desert

by Linda Castro. Originally published on  If you were to ask me where I would spend a perfect day, I would immediately say the California desert. It wasn’t always…

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