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Resist the federal attempt to degrade 30 National Monuments

President Trump today ordered the Department of Interior to review National Monuments over 100,000 acres protected since 1996 by Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama to determine whether or not the designations violated federal law. Conservationists fear that this is unnecessary and controversial move is just the first step towards stripping these National Monuments of their protected status. The focus on monuments over 100,000 acres meaning they’re going after the monuments that are generally focused on “natural heritage” as described in the Antiquities Act.

In California, there have been seven such National Monuments protected since 1996. They include:

  • Berryessa Snow Mountain
  • Carrizo Plain
  • Cascade-Siskiyou
  • Giant Sequoia
  • Mojave Trails
  • San Gabriel Mountains
  • Sand to Snow

Please contact Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Kamala Harris, your member of the House of Representatives, and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and let them know that you strongly support all of our nation’s National Monuments and you want to see them continue to be protected – especially the 7 National Monuments that would be reviewed in California under President Trump’s order. If you have visited any of the California National Monuments, please let them know that as well. 

Learn more about the Antiquities Act here.

Show your support for Sen. Feinstein's re-introduced desert bill

Feinstein staff near the Amargosa River

Feinstein staff near the Amargosa River

Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced the California Desert Protection and Recreation Act (S. 32) earlier this year.  The bill would protect many wild and special places in our desert and build upon the Senator’s career-long dedication to the preservation of our desert. The bill is a well-balanced compromise of a wide array of interests.  As such, the bill not only has the support of conservationists, but of off-road vehicle enthusiasts, veterans, local government, utilities, small businesses, tribes, and the military, among other interests.

As one might guess, the current Administration and make-up of Congress lessen the probability that Congress will pass legislation like the Senator’s bill.  However, what makes this bill different is that Representative Paul Cook has introduced a bill that is almost identical to the Senator’s bill (California Off-Road Recreation and Conservation Act (H.R. 857).  That means the bill has bi-partisan support, which is critical in this political climate.

We need to encourage the Senator to continue to push for the bill’s passage. Take a moment to send the Senator a letter of support below.

Learn more about the bill here.

Rep. Knight Needs to keep his promise on the Proposed Castaic Wilderness

In 2015, Representative Steve Knight (R-Palmdale) introduced legislation in Congress to protect the proposed Castaic Wilderness and establish the St. Francis Dam Disaster National Memorial. The nearly 70,000-acre proposed Castaic Wilderness is located on public lands in Los Angeles County north of the Santa Clarita and Los Angeles. The proposed St. Francis Dam National Memorial is a small 440-acre site located just southeast of the proposed wilderness.

Fast forward to 2017: Rep. Knight is preparing to reintroduce his St. Francis Dam National Memorial legislation, without including the proposed Castaic Wilderness.

Send him an email now with the form below to let him know the Castaic deserves the protection he originally proposed!

Learn more about this campaign here.

Don't let Rep. Bishop sell off federal lands to the states

NW CA Hayfork Creek bridge walker. photo: Jason Smith

NW CA Hayfork Creek bridge walker. photo: Jason Smith

Congressman Rob Bishop [R-UT] has consistently made himself an obstacle to conservation work and a foe to public lands in general. Now, he’s using a different angle to try take away your public lands: by using the federal budget process to request $50 million of taxpayer money for the immediate transfer of national public lands to state control, and for other anti-conservation requests.

Rep. Bishop’s budget proposal also stops the protection of new tracts of land; supports the repeal of measures to reform the federal coal program and to prevent new coal leases on public lands; and siphons money from the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which helps to support our public lands.

Rep. Bishop’s budget request runs counter to the fundamental, democratic principle that public lands are part of our heritage and belong to everyone.

The House Appropriations Committee will soon be considering Rep. Bishop’s budget request.  We need to tell our California members of Congress who are key to the federal budget process that Rep. Bishop’s request is a bad one. Contact your member of Congress to tell her/him that you oppose any budget that contains this dangerous proposal.

Stop Congress from removing law enforcement on your public lands

Rose Valley 2 by Linda Castro

Rose Valley by Linda Castro

Representative Chaffetz (R-UT) has introduced H.R. 622, Local Enforcement for Local Lands Act, which would terminate all United States Forest Service (USFS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) law enforcement officers and would take away from these agencies all federal funding for law enforcement activities.

This bill is now being considered by the House Natural Resources Committee and Agriculture Committee.  A good number of California Representatives are on those Committees and will be an important part of Congress’ decision making process on this bill.

Please send them a letter that asks them to oppose H.R. 622 NOW.

A vote is expected any day. Let them know why the public lands in your district are so important to you – personal letters are always more powerful.