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ACTION ALERT: Thank Sen. Padilla for His Exemplary Leadership

Please thank Senator Alex Padilla for his continued strong commitment to public lands conservation and access


United States Senator Alex Padilla took office in 2021 and since that time he has been a tireless advocate for protection of wild spaces on federal public lands, for efforts to increase sustainable and more equitable access to them, and for cutting-edge, Tribally-developed, “collaborative stewardship” approaches to land management.


Remarkably, our legislative champions don’t often hear from constituents thanking them for their work, and, like everyone else, they appreciate encouragement. Please take a moment to thank Sen. Padilla for his inspiring leadership!


To name just a few of his accomplishments, Senator Padilla has thus far:


  • Gotten his Protecting Unique and Beautiful Landscapes by Investing in California (PUBLIC) Lands Act (S. 1776) introduced and then approved in 2023 by a narrowly-divided Senate committee.
  • Introduced legislation and/or worked with local members of the House of Representatives to expand the existing Berryessa Snow Mountain (BSM) and San Gabriel Mountains National Monuments (NM), to establish the new Chuckwalla National Monument, and to expand Joshua Tree National Park;
  • Secured increased funding for projects in California that reduce fire danger to communities and help restore forests and other plant communities that need periodic fire to remain healthy;
  • Blocked several measures proposed in Congress that would undermine the Endangered Species Act and other essential conservation laws; and
  • Helped convince the BLM to revive the practice of protecting lands as “wilderness study areas” (WSA). The agency proposed a new WSA in California in 2024 for the first time in 44 years;


Please take a moment to thank Senator Padilla for his conservation leadership at


  • In the “Select Option” menu, please choose “Share your opinion or comments”
  • In the “Message Topic” menu, please choose “Public Lands/Forestry”
  • In the subject line, please thank him, such as by writing, “Thank you for your leadership on conservation and equitable access!”
  • Please place your actual thank you note in the “Message” text box. Feel free to use the sample below for inspiration.


Sample thank you note to Senator Padilla for his leadership


Dear Senator Padilla:


Thank you for being such a strong advocate for both protecting public lands and for working to improve more equitable and sustainable access to those lands. Thank you also for creating first-ever legislative avenues for those Tribes who want to help manage federal lands within their territories.


For example, your S. 1776 is a truly visionary measure that will, among other things, strictly protect in perpetuity over 1,235 square-miles of federal public land, including over 684 miles of streams, promote ecological restoration and improve fire resilience on over 1,360 square-miles of mostly previously logged federal land, and create a Tribal collaborative management framework for the federal lands covered by the bill, so that if a Tribe has the interest and capacity, it can actively help federal agencies manage lands with their territories.


Thank you also for championing equitable access measures such as the Outdoors For All Act. Your seamless efforts to combine conservation with social and environmental justice concerns sets a new standard for California public lands policy leadership. Please keep up the great work.