Birding at Goat Mtn, Berryessa-Snow Mtn NM by Sami LaRocca

ACTION ALERT: Submit a comment to save our National Monuments

President Trump has initiated a review of 27 National Monuments in hopes that he and his anti-public lands cohorts in Congress will be bale to downsize or revoke them completely. This is unprecedented and according to many legal experts, illegal to boot.

Bears Ears, a massive monument in Utah and designated by President Obama in his final days, is first on the chopping block. CalWild is standing with our nationwide conservation partners because we realize a threat to one monument is a threat to all. Bears Ears’ size makes it an easy target, yet we have one recent monument (Mojave Trails) that is even larger here in California. And it could be subject to a similarly specific attack.

We need everyone who believes in the designation of our National Monuments to make a public comment to the DOI at the link below regarding Bears Ears – or any monument that means something special to you. Tell a story, share a memory, and do your part in protecting the 129 National Monuments created since 1906 from further attack.