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A wild welcome to two new CalWild board members


Mark Milinkovich has worked in tech for many years but has decided to take his love for nature and the outdoors to the next level by supporting us in our efforts in protecting and preserving California’s wild places.

Mark’s passion for protecting California’s wild places

Mark’s biggest wish is that the next generation will be able to have the opportunity to experience and connect with the amazing forests, grasslands, mountains, coastlands, and waterways of California and beyond. “With the mission to ‘protect and restore California’s wildest natural landscapes and watershed on public lands’ – I see an opportunity to ensure the next generation can go for a hike, climb a mountain, or simply enjoy being in open space for a while.” 

With his love for wild places and extensive experience, we know Mark will bring a great deal of fresh knowledge and perspective to CalWild.

Kristin Roscoe is originally from the Midwest, but moved from Washington D.C to California shortly after law school. Her love of the outdoors stems from camping in the Cleveland National Forest and backpacking throughout the Sierra Nevada.

Kristin’s passion for protecting California’s wild places

When President Trump rolled back protection’s for the Bears Ears National Monument, she resolved to do more to protect our wild places. “What drew me to CalWild is first and foremost, a California organization focused on the protection and expanding protections for our state’s wild and unique ecosystems. Climate change and human encroachment are endangering our state’s public lands, and CalWild’s mission statement reflecting these concerns resonates deeply with me.”  Equally important to her is our Public Lands Equity and Resilience Program – an idea that requires us to integrate value in all we do that challenges the historic assumption that public lands are already accessible and inviting to all. She believes a more wild future for California is only possible with ALL voices as part of the conversation.

When she’s not camping or backpacking, Kristin volunteers for local graffiti removal, trail and habitat restoration crews. With Kristin’s extensive policy, advocacy, legal experience and apparent love for our wild places, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her join us.

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