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A “sweet” partnership with

The world’s largest online retailer of wine and spirits,, gives $10,000 towards helping protect California’s wild natural landscapes.

A “sweet” partnership has been made between CalWild and, as they have taken their love for selling and cataloging wine from all over the world, to becoming a CalWild Industry Leader, our highest membership level. We admire them for their dedication to helping protect California’s public lands.

The California wine industry has been innovating and thinking sustainably for years. In 2014, Sonoma County Winegrowers made a commitment to being 100% certified sustainable. Karrissa Kruse, President of the Sonoma County Winegrowers, said in a recent Wine Industry Advisor article, “…local grape growers in Sonoma County have not only embraced sustainability as an approach to best practices…they continue to ask the question “what’s next?” for innovation and climate stewardship.” 

While carries wine varieties from our California backyards – Sonoma County, Napa County, and the Central Coast, you can also discover a new favorite anywhere from Scotland to Chile. If wine’s not your thing, they recently launched their “spirits” collection that allows you to shop from a vast variety of quality distilled alcoholic beverages.

Passionate members like make it possible for us to succeed in defending CalWild’s previous successes and help us expand on that work into the future.

More about was established in 1998 in San Francisco, with a mission to “revolutionize the way people discover, buy and enjoy wine.” Their team not only brings the world’s largest selection, expert guidance, and unparalleled convenience – by getting wine delivered right to your doorstep– they deepen your knowledge and allow you to explore the world of wine you don’t get anywhere else.