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A MAJOR STRIDE! Thank the BLM for the New Public Lands Rule

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released its final Public Lands Rule, which will clarify that BLM managing its lands for conservation fits squarely within its mission.  This clarification is necessary, because the vast majority of BLM lands are currently open to grazing, logging, mining, oil and gas development and other commodity-driven development. 

This Rule finally balances BLM’s multiple-use mission by confirming that conservation, access to nature, and cultural resource and wildlife protection are on equal footing with other uses of BLM-managed lands.

This is a BIG deal and something the conservation community has advocated for many years. Today, CalWild celebrates with allies across the nation. It’s a good day!



Prior to this rule, BLM interpreted its mission to favor economic development over ecological, cultural, and recreational values. This Rule finally balances its “multiple-use and sustained yield” mission by confirming that conservation, access to nature, cultural resource and wildlife protection, and habitat restoration and management are on equal footing with energy extraction across the West.



Help us to thank the BLM for their and the President’s bold leadership for our nation’s public lands. Send email to the California BLM office at


If you have any questions about this alert, feel free to contact Mark Green, Interim Executive Director, at