CalWild's 40th Anniversary Celebration


In 1976, five intrepid wilderness advocates formed the California Wilderness Coalition (CalWild) to provide support for local citizens around the state to defend the special wild lands around them from over-use, encroachment, logging, mining, and road building. From the California Wilderness Bill to the Desert Protection Act to the North Coast Wilderness Bill and many victories in between, for many years CalWild has played a vital role in the conservation of many of the most important and vulnerable areas throughout California.

On October 22nd, we will be honoring those founders and the many other CalWild staff, board and activists since 1976 that have helped to preserve more than 14 million acres of wilderness. CalWild continues to protect and restore the state’s wildest natural landscapes and watersheds on public lands. These important wild places provide clean air and water, refuges for wildlife, and outstanding opportunities for recreation and spiritual renewal for people.

Saturday, October 22, 2016, 5:30pm
Garden Room, Clark Kerr Campus
University of California-Berkeley
2601 Warring Street
Berkeley, CA 94720

As always, we're indebted to a number of people and groups who helped make this event happen, including our top sponsors:

Whitney ($5,000+)

Norm and Cathy Weeden

Barbara and Mark Daugherty

Shasta ($2,500+)

The Next Generation

Benjamin and Ruth Hammett

Lassen ($1,000+)

Don Morrill and Sue Barton

Mary Wells and Drew Caputo

Dana and David Charron

We are so excited to be honoring our founders for their legacy and vision 40 years ago. If you’re interested in honoring the CalWild founders’ work, please consider donating on the founders’ donation page.

Finally, we’d like to announce that longtime staffer Ryan Henson will receive the Phil Burton Wilderness Award. During his time with CalWild, he has demonstrated both a technical knowledge and a distinguished ability to get new groups and individuals engaged on different conservation efforts. Please donate to honor his work and accomplishments.

If you have any questions, please call us at 510-451-1450 or email at