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40th Anniversary Dinner Recap

A 40 year anniversary is occasion to celebrate. Although longevity doesn’t always equal success, in the California Wilderness Coalition’s (CalWild) case longevity and success have gone hand in hand. In October, we celebrated with CalWild’s 40th Anniversary with a dinner with over 60 of our closest friends from throughout our history.

In honor of CalWild’s 40 years of success, the staff undertook two significant projects to commemorate and reflect on the organization’s work. The event turned out to be similar to a high school reunion with many activists, former board and staff members, and partners seeing each other for the first time in decades in some cases. Click here to scroll through some of the photos from the evening.

The first was to catalog all the areas that CalWild has helped to protect since its founding. Click on the picture below to see the full version of the map which includes wilderness areas, national monuments, wild and scenic rivers, and many more.

Additionally, we revived the long published Wilderness Record with the printing of a special edition. For years the Wilderness Record was the source of public land conservation news for activists throughout California. It’s style and reach changed over the years. The 40th Anniversary Special Edition reclaimed the look and feel of the early years. We then selected articles from past editions that commemorated some of the CalWild’s greatest achievements. Click on the photo below to go to a pdf version of the 40th Anniversary Edition of the Wilderness Record.

Although we mailed copies to many of our supporters, we’re sure we missed a few of you. Please contact us at or call (510) 451-1450 to get a copy or two.