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Beginning today: Our 2023 Membership Drive


In order for us to protect wild California, we need people who have found – or who are seeking – their version of wild. The times spent and memories formed in California’s untrammeled, un-busied places are unique to everyone, decoding in all of us a deep connection to the earth and our community.

As CalWild begins our 2023 Membership Drive  today, we’re looking for those wild-seekers to become new members – people like paddler and artist Kayla Lopez, or river expert Steve Evans, who are both featured in our new documentary 6,000 Miles. 

During the month of May, giving $35 or more for the first time – or coming back to renew for another year – will get you early, exclusive access to this film before its official release this summer. 

6,000 Miles focuses on two river lovers that know their wild. Policy guru Steve is known as “the River Guy” for his decades of work on almost every wild and scenic river designation in California since the 1980s. Kayla’s connection to the Trinity River lends inspiration to her visual art and her advocacy through whitewater paddling.

If you’re reading this, it means you’re likely already interested in the crucial work we do – facilitating resources and policy expertise to create perpetual protections for public lands and waters. Consider joining as a financial member this month so we can continue our legacy that’s already protected over 13% of California!

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Big thanks to our 2023 Membership Drive in-kind sponsors: