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CalWild’s 2021 Membership Drive starts….NOW

In a world where public lands need constant stewardship and shady politicians try to extract more than they protect, comes…

CalWild’s 2021 Membership Drive!

This is our annual chance to look around at our family, friends, and general supporters of wild places – and ask them to commit to financially investing in wilderness advocacy through membership to CalWild.

Many of our thousands of email, social media, and in-person supporters know our story already: since 1976 we’ve led the charge on all the wilderness and wild and scenic river bills in the state and helped California become a mecca for public lands and waters. However, only a small percentage of these folks are dues-paying members of CalWild.

The month of May is our time to change that!

Please consider joining us as a financial supporter as part of our 2021 Membership Drive. Memberships start at only $35, and we’re especially interested in gaining new monthly donors for as little as $5/month. We also have a 1:1 match up to $10,000 going for any individuals who join as a Voices for a Wild Future donor, giving $250 or more for the first time (or who renew with a larger gift*). 

Millions of us enjoy California’s public lands on a regular basis. CalWild’s goal is to turn enjoyment of these places into advocacy and stewardship. It’s why we are considered the leaders for wilderness and wild and scenic river protections across the state and even in D.C. It’s why we host trainings like our Stand By Your Lands workshops to build a bigger and better network of public lands advocates. It’s why we have protected almost 14 millions acres of wilderness and 1,500 miles of wild and scenic rivers in the nearly 5 decades we’ve been doing this.

We want to be the group that helps you become a stronger advocate. Maybe today that means joining our email list or signing an action alert. But if you’re already with us on the issues, please join us as a dues-paying member.

At the $65 level and above we’ll include a subscription to Backpacker Magazine. Here are some suggested donation amounts:

Individual: $35
Family: $65
Advocate: $150
Defender: $250
Champion: $1,000
Sustainer: $2,500

Individuals who donate over $250 are automatically honored as a Voices for a Wild Future donor. Your tax-deductible contribution to CalWild helps ensure the protection of our state’s natural heritage so that the wonders of wild California may be forever enjoyed.

If your organization or business is interested in joining, please check out or Group Member program, which starts at $250 and comes with a variety of visibility and partnership benefits. This year, we’re happy to have these teams commit as lead donors:

Also, big thanks to our 2021 Membership Drive sponsors for their in-kind assistance:

Sky Falconry

Zephyr Whitewater Expeditions

Paradigm Winery

Adventure Journal

National Geographic Maps

*VWF upgrades will be matched for the difference between a donor’s last gift and the new amount. EG, a $500 donor who gives $750 will be acknowledged for a $750 gift plus $250 match for $1,000 total.