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CalWild’s 2020 Membership Drive is ON

What are public lands without the public? What’s CalWild with its members? Two questions with the same answer: NOTHING!

And so begins our annual Membership Drive, which starts today and goes throughout the month of June. Every year, we take a month to focus on looking around and saying, “Hey, you – I know you love California’s wild places. You should walk the talk with a donation to CalWild.

Many of our thousands of email, social media, and in-person supporters know our story already: since 1976 we’ve led the charge on all the wilderness bills in the state and helped California become a mecca for public lands and waters. However, only a small percentage of these cohort of advocates is a dues-paying member of CalWild.

Let’s change that.

Please consider joining us as a financial supporter as part of our 2020 Membership Drive. Memberships start at only $35, and we’re especially interested in gaining new monthly donors this year for as little as $5/month.


Attendees at a February hike we co-hosted in the San Joaquin River Gorge. 


We see membership to CalWild as the next step in developing an advocacy-oriented love of public lands. Many of the born-and-bred residents of California recognize the unique and astounding breadth of what is contained within the boundaries of this massive state – it’s why millions of people flock here to visit, and live. That appreciation is crucial to fostering a shared value in public lands, but anyone who reads the news knows that these places are often under threat. Defending them from profiteering development and short-sighted management plans is a shared responsibility – but it comes with the reward of becoming an informed advocate and steward of these places for generations beyond your own.

Wherever you are on that path, we want to be the group that helps you become a stronger advocate. Maybe today that means joining our email list to learn about the oil and gas leases around the Central Valley and Coast or signing an action alert. But if you’re already with us on the issues, please join us as a dues-paying member.

At the $65 level and above we’ll include a subscription to Backpacker Magazine. Here are some suggested donation amounts:

Individual: $35
Family: $65
Advocate: $150
Defender: $250
Champion: $1,000
Sustainer: $2,500

Your tax-deductible contribution to CalWild helps ensure the protection of our state’s natural heritage so that the wonders of wild California may be forever enjoyed.

If your organization or business is interested in joining, please check out or Annual Business Member program, which starts at $250 and comes with a variety of visibility and partnership benefits.

Thanks to our 2020 Membership Drive Sponsors for their in-kind assistance:


Obi Kaufmann